Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've caught crochet fever so rethinking some quilt projects. Need to do some actual quilting of a few ready sandwiches.

Note to self  - -  Use solid fabrics only in a quilt.  Finish my fun Fancy Foxes  - lap size from Elizabeth Hartman pattern (so I can buy and make her hedgehogs!).  Thread colors in different designs on solid white muslin.  Start Christmas gifts like the rag squares diagonal quilt for a little girl. So I only have five other quilt projects going on. That's still less than my crocheting which I need to start posting again on Pinterest as they are finished. Had fun designing a couple quilt patterns this weekend - hints - 1) mom's apron, 2) my life in an hourglass. Hope to learn more about making my blog better. I'm impressed by and enjoy others though. Similar souls out there who I'd like to know better. Smiles for now.   

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